Force and Torque Gauges

FB THOR | Precision

High precision force gauges. Built for a wide-range of force measurement applications. Expandable microSD memory, USB and RS232, ergonomic design with auto-rotate LCD display and much more...

FC ZEUS | Precision PRO

Superior performance and premium features, with 1000Hz data capture. Ranging in capacity from 1lbF to 10,000 lbF. Built-in Wireless, expandable microSD memory, USB and RS232, Analog I/O.

FS TORQUE | Precision PRO

High-performance torque gauges and testers. Designed for clockwise and counter-clockwise testing. Ideal for clockwise and counterclockwise container cap torque measurements as and toll testing.

Motorized Test Stands

Odyssey Series test stands enhance the functionality of our force gauges by providing even greater control and stability. Ideal for precise compression and tension testing of small samples.

Application Modes:

  • Peak
  • Cycle
  • Step
  • Advanced
  • Manual


Wireless Connectivity

No tangled or loose cables. The TORBAL Odyssey is equipped with a built-in wireless data transmitter which allows for cable-free connection between the test stand and the force gauge. Data can also be sent wirelessly to a windows PC or laptop.


Easily connect to a computer via USB which is standard on all Odyssey Test Stands. For users with a programming background, our advanced communication protocol enables full control of the test stand from a PC or laptop.

Intuitive Dial Knob Control

The quick wheel knob allows to manually move the test stand cross-head with a precision of 0.001in. Using the knob to move the cross-head to a starting and end positions is precise and trouble-free. The knob, combined with intuitively arranged keys, allows to quickly and effortlessly navigate through menus, scroll through options, and input data parameters.

Premium Design

Purpose-built rugged design makes the ODYSSEY Test Stand ideal for the most demanding applications. A reinforced column, combined with an ultra-high-performance motor, and a heavy duty cross-head, guarantees uninterrupted performance and continuous testing. A versatile mounting plate with ample clearance and depth allows for ultimate flexibility in mounting a wide variety of samples.

Easy Force Gauge Mounting

The test stand is supplied with mounting grip knobs that allow to easily mount the force gauge on the test stand and quickly adjust its position. Attaching and removing the force gauge is done effortlessly without the need for tools.

Force Gauges


1lbF x 0.0002lbF

5N x 0.001N
$ 499.00


200lbf x 0.05lbf

1kN x 0.2N
$ 749.00


40lbF x 0.01lbF

200N x 0.05N
$ 799.00


100lbF x 0.02 lbF

500N x 0.1N
$ 849.00


2,000lbF x 0.5lbF

10kN x 2N
$ 1199.00

Torque Gauges

FSA2 x

2Nm x 0.001Nm
$ 999.00

FSA10 x

10Nm x 0.01Nm
$ 1329.00

FSB2 x

(2Nm x 0.001Nm)
$ 999.00

FSB5 x

5Nm x 0.001Nm
$ 1329.00

FSC10 x

10Nm x 0.01Nm
$ 1199.00

microSD Memory Slot

Expandable memory slot for data demanding applications. MicroSD card included with every TORBAL force and torque gauge.

Wireless Data Transmitter

Built-in wireless adds flexibility and enhances real time data transfer to your windows device.

USB, RS232, and Analog I/O

USB and RS232 interface for seamless PC connectivity. Analog input-output port for threshold signaling and control of external peripherals.

Auto-Rotate LCD

Large backlit LCD automatically adjusts to the position of the force gauge. Auto-Rotate eliminates the need to disassemble and reverse the housing.

Intuitive Keypad

A sealed front panel with logically arranged keys allows the force gauge to be operated with one hand.

Key features and functions

Exclusively on Torbal Force Gauges

Onscreen Analytics

Each application mode of the force gauge includes a statistical analysis of captured peaks and force measurements. Data is displayed on an X, Y graph and a histogram.

Interchangeable Loadcell

High Capacity FC models ranging from 200lbF to 10,000lbF (1kN to 50kN) are equipped with loadcell interchangeability feature which allows users to use multiple external loadcells with one force gauge indicator.

Data Manager

The data manager feature allows to quickly review and retrieve measurements saved to the microSD card. The feature organizes data into folders with chronological .txt file names.

Long-lasting Chargeable Battery

Torbal force gauges are ideal for on-the-go mobile applications. Four powerful nickel–metal hydride 2700mAh batteries keep the force gauge running up to 32 hours.

PASS / FAIL Testing

Programmable threshold limits are available in all force gauge modes. The feature allows to set minimum, maximum, and target values that are monitored by the force gauge.

Modes and Application

Torbal force gauges are loaded with premium features and functions. Standard, Peak, Multi-Peak, and the Fill Meter modes guarantee optimum functionality and flexibility when capturing force measurements.

& Technology

Perfectly Balanced for Handheld Comfort and Stability

Unique housing design, engineered specifically to withstand even the most demanding applications. Rugged durable, compact, and ergonomic.

High-Performance Integrated Circuit Electronics

Built with state-of-art electronics, which includes a high precision analog-to-digital converter, a powerful 32-bit processor. Designed to capture measurements in real time at a speed of 1000 hertz.

High Precision Force Detection Mechanism

Engineered with a premium quality high output load-cell, overload protected up to 200% at full scale. Always delivering utmost precision and accuracy.

Grips and Attachments

TORBAL force gauge accessories are designed and manufactured to highest standards and quality. Choose from a wide variety of grips and attachments to simplify even the most complex force measuring applications.

  • Hex key vise clamp
  • C-Clamp
  • Roller Grip
  • Two Grip Handle