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1kN Load Cell
200lbF x 0.05lbF

1kN x 0.2N

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Designed for high capacity FC ZEUS “k” models ranging from 200lbF to 10,000lbF (1kN to 50Kn). All FC ZEUS force gauges are equipped with load-cell interchangeability feature which allows users to use multiple external load-cell sensor with one force gauge indicator.

•    High accuracy
•    Nickel plated alloy steel
•    1000 Hz data capture
•    Stainless steel construction
•    Rated IP67 “S&rdquo
•    Low profile
•    Designed and tested specifically for tension and compression applications
•    Low profile

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MODELS 1k 2k 5k 10k 20k 50k
Capacity (Max) 200lbf | 1kN 400lbf | 2kN 1,000lbf | 5kN 2,000lbf | 10kN 4,000lbf | 20kN 10,000lbf | 50 kN
Resolution 0.05lbf | 0.2N 0.1lbf | 0.5 N 0.2lbf | 1N 0.5lbf | 2N 1lbf | 5N 2lbf | 10N
Overload 200% Full Scale
Operating Temperature 14°F to 104°F | -10 to 40°C | Humidity: Up to 80 % Max.
Sensor Cable Length 9.5ft
Warranty 24 Months

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