FC2k / 400lbF x 0.1lbF
Force / FC ZEUS - Precision PRO

400lbF x 0.1lbF

2kN x 0.5N

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Quick Overview

The FC series ranges in capacity from 1lbF (5N) with a resolution of 0.0002lbF (0.001N) to 10,000 lbF (50kN) with a resolution of 2lbF (10N). Super Load models range from 22,000lbF (100kN) with a resolution of 5lbF (20N) to 44,000lbF (200kN) with a resolution of 10lbF (50N). Premium design and superior performance make the FC ideal for even the most demanding tension and compression applications. The FC guarantees utmost accuracy and productivity with ultra-fast 1000Hz real time data capture and hardware features such as built-in wireless, expandable microSD memory card, USB and an RS232 interface. The analog input-output port allows to connect external peripherals such as Pass / Fail buzzer and light signalization, or an external trigger switch. Peak and Multi Peak modes are enhanced with configurable features such as peak detection sensitivity, measurement time delay, force trigger, auto zeroing, and automatic data save.

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MCS NIST traceable calibration certificate with five tension and compression data points. Calibration certificate is available on all FB and FC models up to 1,000 lbF.
See Sample Certificate
Calibration Certificate Lead-time 3-4 weeks
For calibration certificates above
1,000 lbF please call 1.866.473.6900

NIST Traceable Certificate With Data
Add Certificate $ 199

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Interchangeable Loadcell

High Capacity FC models ranging from 200lbF to 10,000lbF (1kN to 50Kn) are equipped with loadcell interchangeability feature which allows users to use multiple external loadcells with one force gauge indicator. Switching between loadcells is easily done through the force gauge menu with minimum configuration or setup. The Gauge Type feature allows to store up to 16 external load cells. The feature is ideal for applications that require multiple result resolutions and capacities.

WPAN Wireless PC Connectivity

The FC series is equipped with a built-in short distance wireless data transmitter which allows for a cable-free connection to your Windows PC, Laptop, or Tablet. Every FC force gauge is supplied with a USB dongle WPAN receiver which makes the connection setup quick and easy. The wireless module is also compatible with most WPAN devices found in Laptops and Tablets.

Removable MicroSD Memory

Every Torbal force gauge is equipped with a MicroSD expansion slot which increases available memory via the insertion of a MicroSD card. All data results and measurements are saved directly to the SD card in a “.txt” format. Stored data can be seamlessly transferred to your PC by simply removing the SD card form the force gauge, and inserting it to your Desktop or Laptop.

USB, RS232, & I/O Interface

The force gauge can be easily connected to a computer via the USB port, which is standard on all Torbal force gauges. Data can be transferred directly to the PC, and measurements can be recorded and analyzed in real time with the TORBAL FM software.

Stats and Analytics

Each application mode of the force gauge includes a statistical analysis of recorded samples and force peaks. Statistics include total number of samples, max, min, average, standard deviation and more. Calculations can be analyzed on the force gauge and saved to a MicroSD card, or transferred to a computer for further interpretation.

Heavy Duty Design

The Torbal force gauge was engineered specifically for on-the-go applications and field testing. The design of the gauge allows it to be easily maneuvered with one hand while comfortably operating the keypad. The device is extremely rugged and can withstand continuous testing in the most demanding applications.

200% Overload Protected

Torbal force gauges are overload protected up to 200% at full scale. Every force gauge includes a used capacity indicator which shows the amount of the capacity used during force measurements. It allows the user to avoid exceeding the maximum capacity of the force gauge. The indicator is particularly useful when maxing out the force gauge capacity with heavy loads.

Intuitive Keypad

Main keys and buttons of the force gauge are arranged in a circular pattern and are easily reached with your thumb while holding the force gauge in the same hand. Adequate number of keys create a more intuitive keypad, and guarantee a long operating life of the unit.

Onscreen Graph and Histogram

Peaks and samples are displayed on an X, Y graph or as a histogram. The graph displays recorded peaks and can be scrolled to view recorded measurements during the test. The histogram shows the number of samples taken at different intervals of force.

Analog Output and Input Modes

The threshold output mode enables the analog output port by sending voltage level signals which can be used for signaling or controlling external peripherals that can connect with the force gauge. The output mode can be used in combination with Programmable Pass / Fail Thresholds Monitoring. Input mode allows an external button or a pedal to be used as a trigger for starting force measurements and taking samples. OUTPUT Ampacity: I max=25mA / U nom=24V (open collector type, emitters connected– GND) | INPUT Voltage Range IN (+) / IN (-): U in = 12-18V / I in max=50Ma.


Sealed Front Panel

All Torbal gauges have sealed front panels to protect the keys and display from accidental spills and dust. The front panel membrane is made from the highest quality polycarbonate material.

Data Manager

The data manager feature allows to quickly review and retrieve saved measurements. The feature organizes data into individual function folders with unique “.txt” file names. File names can be assigned with a unique alphanumeric name or identifier, which are organized chronologically.

Automatic Data Save and Storing

Every gauge is equipped with an auto-save feature which automatically saves results and statistical analysis of the measurements to the MicroSD memory card. When enabled, the gauge will save results at the end of each measurement. Each result set is assigned with a unique file name.

Adjustable Sampling Speed

The gauge can be set to measure force at a desired speed. A slower rate increases the sampling time. A faster measuring speed allows the gauge to sample more frequently and capture more results in shorter period of time, which increases the testing precision and accuracy.

Configurable Receipt Printing

The gauge can send results directly to a printer as well as third party software such as MS Excel or notepad. The printed information can be configured to include the date, time, measurement name, user ID, signature line, and a series of customized notes.

Software Application

The TORBAL FM software application further enhances, and expands the functionality of our gauges. The software captures and displays data measurement in real time. Results are plotted on an X, Y axis graph for a fast and easy analysis. Data can be captured directly into specified files or exported to your default spreadsheet software such as MS Excel. In addition, the software performs statistical calculations, allows to set sampling time intervals, and much more.

Graphical LCD Display with Backlight

Torbal gauges are equipped with a graphical LCD display which allows results to be clearly visible from a distance and in low light environments. The backlight can be configured with 4 different ON / OFF settings to fit the user’s preference based on gauge usability.

Modes & Applications

Peak Sensitivity Detection

Peak and Multi-Peak modes are equipped with a sensitivity detection feature which allows to disregard unwanted peak measurements that may be caused by shakes or vibration. The peak sensitivity detection feature allows peak detection modes to be fine-tuned for a specific application.

Peak Mode

The peak mode automatically detects the maximum force measured during a test. The feature pinpoints the exact force applied to an object before it gives or breaks under pressure. The application can be configured to detect force automatically or manually. The gauge automatically records a detected peak, stores it in memory, and zeros the force gauge for the next measurement. The Peak Mode is equipped with Trigger and Peak Sensitivity Detection settings that allow for greater control while taking measurements. The application provides statistical analysis of detected peaks, as well as an onscreen chart and histogram of taken measurements.

Multi-Peak Mode

The Multi-Peak mode records multiple peaks detected during a user specified time frame. The feature detects unlimited number of peak in a measured sequence. Setting such as Time Delay, Trigger, and Peak Sensitivity Detection enhance the functionally of the application by providing added control and flexibility in peak measurement detection. The Multi-Peak mode is particularly useful when measuring force of objects that do not instantly give or break under pressure, such as fabrics, soft plastics, or flexible materials.

Fill Meter

All Torbal® gauges are equipped with a filling meter indicator which can be activated in combination with any mode of the force gauge. The fill meter is a digital non-liner pie meter which has greatly increased sensitivity at the set capacity cutoff point. The feature allows to set a custom cut off point that is suitable to the application. This unique feature helps to avoid exceeding the maximum capacity of the gauge and assists in taking precise force measurements.

Standard Mode

The standard mode offers utmost flexibility when using the force or torque gauge manually, in a test stand, or while connected to a PC. Force measurements can be captured manually with a press of the start button, or automatically over a specified time frame. The mode is equipped with Time Delay, Trigger, and Threshold features.

Pass / Fail Programmable Thresholds Monitoring

Programmable threshold limits are available in all force and tirque gauge modes. The feature allows to set minimum, maximum, and target values that are monitored by the gauge. When the threshold parameter is exceeded, MIN, MAX, and OK indicators appear on the display. Each indicator can be set to sound a single or a continuous alarm. Threshold values are also used to determine if the force applied during tests can produce consistent results that stay within the set parameters.

In the Box

microSD Card

Premium SDHC Class 4 microSD memory card

Mini USB Wireless Adapter

Class 2 transceiver offers a range of up to 10m (32ft) for the force gauge

Swivel Bearing Joints

Two heavy duty swivel bearing joints designed to protect the loadcell against uneven and rapid movements.


Heavy duty precision loadcell with a 9.5ft cable

Rechargeable Batteries

Four AA format removable and rechargeable premium quality Ni-MH 2700mAh batteries

Analog I/O Cable

Premium 4.5 foot analog input and output cable with labeled and pinned connectors

RS232 Cable

36” long DB9 female RS232 cable for PC Connectivity


MODELS FC5 FC10 FC20 FC50 FC200 FC500
Capacity (Max) 1lbF | 5N 2lbF | 10N 4lbF | 20N 10lbF | 50N 40lbF | 200N 100lbF | 500N
Resolution 0.0002lbF | 0.001N 0.0005lbF | 0.002N 0.001lbF | 0.005N 0.002lbF | 0.01N 0.01lbF | 0.05N 0.02lbF | 0.1N
Sampling Rate 1000Hz
Accuracy ±0.1% Full Scale
Overload 200% Full Scale (Display Limit: 110%)
Interface BT Wireless, USB (B Type), RS232, microSD (SDHC Class 4), Analog I/O
Input / Output Port THR
Operating Temperature 14°F to 104°F | -10 to 40°C | Humidity: Up to 80 % Max.
Measuring Units N, kgF, lbF, ozF,lb, oz, kg
Rechargeable Batteries 4 x Ni-MH 2700mAh
Battery Operating Time 29h (LCD Backlight OFF, BT Wirless OFF) | 25h (LCD Backlight ON, BT Wirless OFF)
Power Supply 12V, 1.2A
Shaft Size 0.43” | 11mm (thread M6x8mm)
Dimensions 8.46” x 3.93” x 1.57” | 215mm x 100mm x 40mm
Unit Weight 1.2lb (560g)
Warranty 36 Months
MODELS FC1k FC2k FC5k FC10k FC20k FC50k
Capacity (Max) 200lbf | 1kN 400lbf | 2kN 1,000lbf | 5kN 2,000lbf | 10kN 4,000lbf | 20kN 10,000lbf | 50 kN
Resolution 0.05lbf | 0.2N 0.1lbf | 0.5 N 0.2lbf | 1N 0.5lbf | 2N 1lbf | 5N 2lbf | 10N
Sampling Rate 1000Hz
Accuracy ±0.1% Full Scale
Overload 200% Full Scale (Display Limit: 110%)
Interface BT Wireless, USB (B Type), RS232, microSD (SDHC Class 4), Analog I/O
Input / Output Port THR
Operating Temperature 14°F to 104°F | -10 to 40°C | Humidity: Up to 80 % Max.
Measuring Units N, kgF, lbF, ozF,lb, oz, kg
Rechargeable Batteries 4 x Ni-MH 2700mAh
Battery Operating Time 29h (LCD Backlight OFF, BT Wirless OFF) | 25h (LCD Backlight ON, BT Wirless OFF)
Power Supply 12V, 1.2A
Sensor Cable Length 9.5ft
Indicator Dimensions 8.46” x 3.93” x 1.57” | 215mm x 100mm x 40mm (not including load-cell
Indicator Weight 1lb (415g) not including load-cell
Warranty 24 Months